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Loft insulation at joist level

The insulation of a pitched roofed building at joist level represents the lowest cost method of insulating a roof. One of the cheapest ways to do this is by installing mineral wool insulation between and on top of the joists.

This method of loft insulation can be used to deliver extremely high levels of insulation as, with the exception of the eaves, there is no practical limit to the depth/thickness of insulation that can be installed.

The benefits of Mineral Wool

  • Value for money - more cost effective than any other material available

  • Thermal performance - just 300mm meets current Building Regulations

  • Environmental - uses recycled material

  • Fire properties - non-combustible and A1/A2 Euroclass fire rated

  • Easy-to-fit - simple installation process, covers large areas quickly

  • Versatility of form - roll, batt, mattress or blown, a form to suit any project