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7 June 2012

MIMA Adds Voice to Energy Revolution

The Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (MIMA) has signed up to the Energy Bill Revolution – a movement committed to ensuring warm homes and lower bills for the UK.

The Energy Bill Revolution alliance aims to solve the deepening issues of fuel poverty and inefficient buildings by using the significant levels of money the Government will start to receive from carbon taxes in 2013 to fund the insulation of the thousands of draughty homes in the UK.

Syed Ahmed, Executive Director of MIMA commented: “With the introduction of the Energy Bill, the Government is setting out an increasingly complex energy landscape and consumers are facing the prospect of yet further energy price rises over the coming decade. In contrast, insulating the country’s homes provides a simple solution to help reduce energy demand, lower bills and also tackle long-term fuel poverty.

“However, research just released by the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) has found that the Government is in fact halving the budget to make fuel poor homes energy efficient, despite evidence that this is the most effective way to bring homes out of fuel poverty.

“MIMA has joined the Energy Bill Revolution to support the call on Government to invest much more in improving the energy efficiency of the country’s housing stock.  Doing so will have the added benefit in helping create thousands of UK jobs, boosting the industry at a time when considerable uncertainty remains over the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme, the Green Deal. The Energy Bill Revolution cuts across trade and consumer – it reaches all areas and this is why MIMA has shown its support to the cause.”