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8 August 2012

MIMA Calls on Government to Support CERT Transition to Green Deal and ECO

The latest report from Ofgem has revealed that significant advances have been made in the last throws of the CERT energy efficiency programme, however the Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (MIMA) is urging Government to ensure an effective transition mechanism is in place from January 1 2013 in order to meet targets.

“The report highlights that more needs to be done to help ensure the Government’s ambitions around the Green Deal,” commented Syed Ahmed, Executive Director of MIMA. “As we approach the October start date MIMA urges Government to ensure that, not only is the switch to Green Deal and ECO made as smooth as possible, but also to implement additional drivers to support the uptake of these measures. The delivery of all insulation measures to householders should not be interrupted whilst the new energy efficiency programmes are being established.”

Also mentioned in the report is the important increase in activity by the insulation sector and suppliers, and the significant contribution insulation has made to achieving the Government’s domestic energy efficiency target with insulation activity accounting for 64% of the programme’s overall carbon savings. Most notable are the figures for cavity wall and external solid wall insulation; by the end of the fourth year of CERT, over 2.1 million households had cavity wall insulation and almost 50,000 installations of solid wall insulation.

However, Ofgem have also highlighted that in this, the the fourth and final year of the scheme before the beginning of the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) take over, activity levels have slowed leaving energy suppliers a target of 51.2 Mt CO2 savings to be delivered in order for suppliers to meet their overall target.

“Suppliers will need to significantly increase the rate of professionally installed insulation measures and more than double the present rate of activity in the Super Priority Group in order to meet their obligations, which is why MIMA is calling on Government to ensure effective transitions are put in place, in order to meet and exceed set targets,” added Syed.