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24 July 2012


The Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (MIMA) is urging DECC to finalise its marketing strategy for the Green Deal following news of a 95% slash in the department’s marketing budget. 

“With so little time until the Green Deal officially launches DECC has to announce its consumer engagement plan as soon as possible,” said Syed Ahmed, Executive Director of MIMA.

“Recently, DECC and Government has been placing much of the responsibility for marketing the Green Deal to consumers on SMEs. However, recent details regarding a 95% cut to its communications budget has forced DECC to admit it is in the midst of producing a plan to promote the Green Deal to consumers.”

A spokesman for the DECC confirmed that costs for the campaign would be met by the Green Deal budget, and so remain unaffected by the drastic cut to the corporate communications money.

“Whilst we obviously welcome this much-needed government support to convey the benefits of the Green Deal, we are also urging DECC to make details of any marketing plans known sooner than later. The October launch date is looming and consumers need to be informed from now, all the way through to when the first Green Deal loan becomes available.

“A key issue widely flagged up is the lack of consumer awareness of the Green Deal. Government have been maintaining that they will not be the main delivery agents to promote the Green Deal market – and hence we are pleased to see that Ministers have now changed their mind. The mineral wool insulation industry calls on Ministers to work with the energy efficiency sector and set out a national Government-backed coordinated marketing campaign for the Green Deal.”